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We are a 100% bilingual team with the primary mission to help you overachieve your business goals with the latest and most effective marketing, branding & lead generation strategies.

Our Services


We can help you create a professional brand history that describes YOUR company's business values.

Web Desing

We develop fully responsive websites, complying with the SEO criteria of web positioning.


In order to help you to better connect with your clients and potential leads, we help you optimize and manage your social networks accounts.


Bu using the best resources of the digital world, we help you with the optimization of your digital marketing strategies.


We design, plan and produce corporate events, trainings and conferences that best fit your needs.

 Foxmore & Juliette

 Is a boutique marketing firm located in Houston, Texas. We provide marketing, branding, social media, LinkedIn and network management services to small and medium enterprises who wish to increase their potential and sales in their specific markets.

At F&J we offer a personalized interaction, not available with remote or bigger chain consultants. We have a highly qualified team of experts with the required skills to provide services to local businesses without the costs of staff mobilization or large overhead.

It's all about "EFFECTIVE" marketing
Not “EXPENSIVE” marketing

Short-term results.

Why invest in Digital Marketing?

It’s time to connect with your potential customers online through direct and effective communication. It’s no longer only about selling products and services, it’s about how you connect with the interests of your audience.

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your sector, or attract new contacts and expand your reach by connecting with people you never imagined, start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile. We can help you!


We work exclusively with small and medium enterprises to develop and implement concrete, practical and short-term action plans, helping to position our clients in the right direction. Based on this, we offer very competitive prices in the market, allowing more entrepreneurs to have access to this indispensable set of digital services.

Multicultural Marketing and Business Solutions Company Oriented to Overachieve.

We offer a full range of services that allow us to evaluate and implement a variety of marketing, brand, communication and social media strategies, selecting the most appropriate ones according to the requirements of our clients. We combine strategies and tactics to generate a recognized brand and effective marketing, guaranteeing the highest possible return on every dollar invested. 

We guarantee your projects' success!

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