Competitive Edge of Experience, Cultural Awareness and Market Expertise

Karla Leal   Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Wellness Advocate

Karla is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, philanthropist, wellness advocate and an unshakable optimist dedicated to help organizations with marketing strategies and business solutions to drive incremental growth. She also loves enjoying quality time with her daughter, connecting with like-minded people, spending time in nature, practicing yoga, practicing mindful living and eating, and playing with her two little dogs.

Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, enabled Karla to mix her talents, education and experience to better serve small and medium size businesses with marketing and business solutions strategies. Karla received her MBA from the University of St Thomas in 2010 in Houston and worked at local recognized firms within various industries including Oil and Gas, business services, wellness, healthcare and advertising in the areas of Marketing, Branding, Procurement, and Product & Business Development.

F&J has the competitive edge of experience, cultural awareness and market expertise in a highly competitive and complex market. This is truly an advantage as the founder Karla Leal has a Hispanic background, a deep passion for wellness, a deep understanding of Marketing and has a vast number of resources and business connections in Latin America as well as in Houston.

Karla supports local business and non-profit organizations, especially those which advocate for single moms, as she believes single moms deserve support to succeed on their careers and personal lives. Karla continuously supports these organizations by donating a portion of the company revenues every year.